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Animal Kingdom Explorers

Animal Kingdom Explorers


Educational, entertaining and most importantly, fun. Those descriptions apply to Disney Mobile's SmartPhone app, Animal Kingdom Explorers. Players strive to build their own game preserve by locating hidden objects to populate their reserve, with the objective being to effectively balance each animal's habitat to ensure they have everything they need to not only survive, but to prosper.

A running tutorial guides players through African, American and Asian locales, with helpful facts and tips related to each animal. Also, players gather the appropriate flora and fauna that best suits their animal choices. Consideration for individual animals' feeding habits is emphasized, and their relationship/impact with the chosen terrain and the local human population is factored in.

Popular on Facebook, Animal Kingdom Explorer players can compete with friends and other players, or focus on building their own unique habitat. Family-friendly all around, Animal Kingdom Explorers is an entertaining and educational activity that children and grownups can enjoy together.