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Beauty and the Beast Lumiere

Beauty and the Beast Lumiere


Update: This app is no longer available as Disney has removed it from app stores.

In conjunction with the re-release of the Disney classic film, "Beauty and the Beast," the marketing division of Disney has come out with a bare-bones but neat little app for iPhone, "Beauty and the Beast Lumiere."

Nothing fancy here, just a basic torch-or-flashlight app with the animated candlestick serving as a lantern for the user. Designed primarily for devoted "Beauty and the Beast" fans, Lumiere can be very handy during power outages or on a camping trip, but that's essentially the extent of its functionality.

Lumiere, one of Disney's most popular, yet overlooked animated characters, is more than willing to assist with its brilliant light, but users have to be careful. Any sudden or loud noise in the vicinity of the iPhone microphone extinguishes Lumiere's "flame."