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Cars: Numbers & Counting

Cars: Numbers & Counting


The related products from the smash Disney hit film Cars apparently has no limits, with one of the more popular offsprings being Cars: Numbers & Counting, a Disney Connected Learning app that targets 4 to 6 year olds. The application helps teach younger children to not only identify numbers, but also introduces them to number sequences and relationships between numbers.

Combining racing with education is one way to capture and hold the attention of preschoolers, and with three separate levels, the child's progress can be tracked. Players are introduced and taught mathematical fundamentals such as greater/lesser, with rewards given for correct responses, and by utilizing Cars as a backdrop, the fun factor is off the chart, keeping even the most reluctant player involved.

The inclusion of the hilarious Tow Truck Mater to provide easy-to-follow narration, and everyone's favorite driver Lightning McQueen as the de facto racer only adds to the entertainment value. Successful players can obtain helpful "power-ups" for correct answers, while pit stops serve as another "counting lesson" that utilizes what has already been learned, an ideal method for encouraging memory and attention-paying.