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Disney Comics

Disney Comics


The adventures of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and other iconic Disney characters come to life with the Disney Comics app, an interactive tool that takes the unique approach of introducing younger users to the joys of reading.

Users can download (for free) five classic Disney comics which can then be read, either page-by-page or via a slideshow presentation. Some of the comics include sound effects, giving users a fuller Disney experience. Both portrait and landscape views are available, depending on preference, while users can also choose between manual paneling or default mode for their individual comics. Users can also search for their favorite characters throughout the Disney catalog, perhaps discovering adventures previously unseen. Disney Comics also allows users to create their own digital bookshelf, with organization as simple as sliding a finger across the screen.

Disney Comics utilizes the trademark Disney attention to detail as well as their dedication to ensuring the absolute highest quality, providing users with simplicity, ease of use and overall, a very favorable experience.