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Disney Memories HD

Disney Memories HD


The Disney Memories HD app for iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch allows users to create their own memorable photos using classic Disney characters and backgrounds that are easily shared with family and friends.

Any photograph can now be modified with Disney-themed scenes or characters with this remarkable application that's suitable for all ages. Pose photos of yourself, friends or family members alongside Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy or any of the other countless iconic Disney family. The interface is clean and remarkably simple to utilize, with scenes of Disney theme parks, either framed or in filtered format, even stickers available to produce unique greeting cards or just a friendly "hello."

One of Disney Memories HD's most popular features is the Disney Time Photo of the Day, a daily screen shot that displays panoramic views of any of the many Disney Theme Parks. With a little imagination and following the app's simple instructions, users can create eye-catching photos that will be cherished forever.