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Disneyland Explorer

Disneyland Explorer


Family vacation planning just got easier thanks to the collaborative efforts between Disney and Apple with the Disneyland Explorer application, or "app." This handy gadget gives users an extensive virtual tour of the iconic California theme park, all at the swipe of a finger, perfect for those who don't have the time or patience to browse through brochures or websites when planning a vacation.

Using actual photos rather than reproductions, would-be vacationers can get a much better sense of what awaits them, and the navigation is remarkably user-friendly. Each specific section of the park is available for browsing, and there are even fun interactive games to give users a taste of what to expect when they visit the park.

The Disneyland Explorer app also features the park's newest attraction, Cars Land, based on the hit movie, Cars. One of the film's most popular characters, Tow-Mater, provides voice-over while users are treated to a comprehensive virtual tour of the Cars Land attractions.