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Fish Hooks

Fish Hooks


One of the Disney Channel's most popular animated series now has its own app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in Disney's Fish Hooks, which challenges players through more than 50 levels, each of which feature familiar scenes from the series. The objective is for the player to collect as many apples as possible and make an exit via a suction pipe.

The app's artwork perfectly captures the look and feel of the cartoon, with familiar characters popping in and out of the game, giving helpful hints. The lead character, Milo, along with his many underwater friends, is guided through a series of underwater tubes, attempting to find the most favorable route with the least resistance.

Fish Hooks isn't overly challenging, but does provide plenty of underwater fun and entertainment for younger players. Slightly older players will be introduced to the basic laws of physics (although they may not immediately realize it) as they create bubbles to propel Milo through stubborn waterways. Some trial-and-error will be encountered, but with a minimum of patience and determination, Fish Hooks is eventually a rewarding experience.