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Fix-It Felix Jr.

Fix-It Felix Jr.


For fans of the classic arcade games of the 70s and 80s, Disney's Fix-It Felix Jr. app is providing countless hours of fun and entertainment that borrows a character from Disney's popular Wreck-It Ralph film to guide users through ten levels of Ralph's destruction. Fix-It Felix Jr. steadfastly hammers his way through various obstacles by jumping and climbing, and even dodging hazards in order to repair all that the aptly-named Ralph has wrecked.

Older users will no doubt be reminded of their long-ago adventures on the Nintendo and Atari Gaming Systems, especially while viewing the 8-bit graphics that were once "top-of-the-line" in visual achievements. Fix-It Felix Jr. has both the old-time appearance and feel of those iconic classic favorites, and the game levels, despite their relative simplicity, are both competitive and addictive, providing users with hours of harmless entertainment.

Fix-It Felix Jr. is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.