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Ghosts of Mistwood

Ghosts of Mistwood


Similar to the popular Botkin's Hidden Cove, the Disney Mobile app, Ghosts of Mistwood involves exploring and building and is fast becoming a Facebook favorite.

The inhabitants of Mistwood are suddenly and mysteriously disappearing, and it's up to the players to find them. A dark, vine-ridden place, would-be Mistwood rescuers will have to spend quite a bit of time clearing away dead trees, overrun foliage and brush from around Mistwood Estate to locate the missing. Once initial access is gained, other ghost hunters will join in to help players, leaving time for constructing new surroundings that hopefully will discourage intruders and prevent future disappearances.

Fully interactive with Facebook, players may uncover clues requiring input from Facebook friends in order to reach the next level. Ghosts of Mistwood also features quirky characters that can either further the quest or sabotage the effort. It's totally up to the player to ascertain their motives.