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Gnome Village

Gnome Village


Gnome Village has been captured by an Evil Gnome, and rescuing its inhabitants is the objective in Disney's Gnome Village, an animated adventure game for SmartPhone. Players navigate through wondrous mazes, earning coins after completing each level. A Gnome Market is the supplier for everything players need to build their own village, and of course the more coins earned, the more accessories and helpful hints are available.

Players will be tempted to explore the Enchanted Forest, but there's little time for sight-seeing, since an entire village of Gnomes is awaiting rescue. With more than twenty adorable forest creatures in captivity, the quest is never-ending to return them to their homes where players assist them in fortifying and securing their village from future attacks.

The quests are endless, with some being critical to the village's safety, while some are simple chores that merely enhance the Gnome Kingdom. It's up to the player to prioritize each opportunity.

Gnome Village is hours of fun, with vivid graphics and adorable characters in abundance.