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Habit Heroes

Habit Heroes


It's becoming increasingly rare for a news cycle to pass without the latest research findings indicating that obesity and inactivity is a lethal combination that threatens the health of humanity, especially in children. Disney now has an app for iPhone and Android, Habit Heroes, that offers an important first step in rectifying these potentially deadly "habits."

Habit Heroes features helpful Superheroes (Agent Dynamo, Agent Fuel, Agent Quench and their manager, Director Jin) in a series of e-comic books that point out dangerous habits and activities and how to deal with them successfully. Players are first introduced to the heroes and then guided through a series of levels in which they are challenged to identify potential health hazards and how to either eliminate them or alleviate their impact. Players have the option of either taking on each set of "Health Villains" by themselves, or forming a team to battle the threats.

The Habit Heroes app also contains a feature that allows users to track their own habits, and how to make sure that the "good" habits outweigh the "bad" ones.