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Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time

Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time


Designed for both iPhone and iPad, Disney's Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time app provides players with an extremely entertaining experience as they attempt to build an elaborate a garden as possible.

The "hidden object" genre of gaming has long been a popular leisure-time pursuit, and Gardens of Time brilliantly taps into both the gaming mentality as well as the always-popular "building" universe, giving players a sense of accomplishment as they strive to upgrade and impress friends and fellow players with their creations. Social networking is one of Gardens of Time's goals, but the feature is optional.

Players find hidden objects by traveling back in time to view different historical events and after they've located various discrepancies, they try and collect the ones that are applicable to their own garden-type. Time is of the essence, so a bit of knowledge and a good memory is an advantage. Players with experience in "sim" activities will quickly grasp the concept and undoubtedly will become aficionados.