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Jake's Never Land Pirate School

Jake's Never Land Pirate School


The Disney Junior cartoon Jake and the Never Land Pirates is the foundation for the Disney iPhone and iPad app, Jake's Never Land Pirate School. Designed for the youngest of swashbucklers, Never Land Pirate School is guaranteed to not only enthrall and keep them occupied, it also provides an early introduction to simple instruction-following and a sense of accomplishment.

Consisting of four levels, the player is first taught the basics of sailing via steering and manuevering a ship through a series of obstacles into "safe haven." Next, players get to learn how to make music by way of following simple voice-over instructions. Thirdly, with the help of treasure maps, youngsters are challenged to seek-and-find objects in Map and Spyglass Class. And lastly, in Pixie Dust Class, players try their luck in flying around a training course, avoiding various obstacles and determining the quickest and best possible path to the finish.

Very well-designed, with excellent graphics and sound effects, Jake's Never Land Pirate School provides limitless entertainment for even the newest of pirates.