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Monsters, Inc Run

Monsters, Inc Run


Monsters, Inc. Run, from Disney and Pixar, is an app based on the hit Disney film, Monsters, Inc., in which monsters require children they can scare in order to provide power for their monster cities. This app remains loyal (for the most part) to the film, with the goal being to advance through various levels of the three Monster Worlds, destroying foes, rescuing friends and collecting gold coins that allow players to upgrade their characters or unlock hidden levels.

A remarkably simple interface provides movement for the main characters, with an effortless swipe of the screen causing the heroes to jump to avoid either obstacles or an adversary. The longer in duration the swipe is maintained, the higher the jump. The graphics in Monster, Inc. Run are excellent, with beautiful colors and an in-game soundtrack features songs from the film.

Monsters, Inc. Run appears to be designed for younger players, but some of the levels may be too complicated for their relatively short patience and/or attention spans.