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Monsters University: Catch Archie

Monsters University: Catch Archie


It's Mike Wazowski's very first day on campus at Monsters University and he's already charged with finding and catching Archie the Scare Pig, mascot for MU's arch-rival, Fear Tech. That's the storyline for the Disney app, Monsters University: Catch Archie. Adapted from the "Monsters University" film, the app is compatible with iPad, iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Consisting of ten levels, each increasing in difficulty, users collect stars at each level as they attempt to corner and then somehow get a grip on the slippery swine. Users also have to be aware of a multitude of obstacles and potential pitfalls along the route of mazes, and there are also hidden "power-ups" available to make the task somewhat easier.

Stamina is essential, for just as in real life, a pursued pig tends to wear out eventually, and this elusive porker is no different.

Monsters University: Catch Archie Gameplay