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Pooh's Birthday Surprise

Pooh's Birthday Surprise


Introducing preschoolers to the basic fundamentals of learning is the focus of the Disney app Pooh's Birthday Surprise, a well-designed tool that will surely be a hit with the youngest of children.

It's impossible not to adore the Pooh Bunch, and in this application, all of the gentle charm and accompanying friendship is readily evident. Children are encouraged to help plan a surprise birthday party for Pooh by performing various chores, including choosing and counting an adequate number of balloons, icing the needed number of cupcakes, all while following simple voice-over instructions. The narration also features highlighted text, making the directions easy for even the youngest of party-goers.

There are several other interactive puzzles and games to investigate, and one unique feature that parents will appreciate is a closing "pop quiz" that tests the players on what they've learned from the experience, such as "How many cupcakes were served?" This creative approach gently urges the children to pay attention and rewards them with a sense of accomplishment.