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Tap Tap Muppets

Tap Tap Muppets


All of Sesame Street's lovable Muppets are included in Disney's Tap Tap Muppets app, which features music from the 2011 Disney holiday film, The Muppets. This 'official' Muppets app features well-known Muppets such as Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, Bert & Ernie, as well as lesser-known favorites such as Statler and Waldorf (ensconced in the balcony) to provide users with fun-filled music and entertainment at their own convenience.

There are nine tracks on Tap Tap, with artists such as Amy Adams, Alkaline Trio, Chris Cooper and OK Go that users can enjoy at four separate levels of difficulty and then challenge friends to identify aspects of the tunes. Tap Tap Muppets is not just a musical-challenge game however. It's also crammed with exclusive videos, information about the movie, character profiles and fun games to keep youngsters (or even some adults) entertained.

Available in all platform formats, Tap Tap Muppets is pure classic Disney family-friendly entertainment.