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Temple Run: Brave

Temple Run: Brave


A spinoff of the popular Temple Run, Temple Run: Brave is a SmartPhone app from Imangi Studios that was developed as a promotional tie-in for the Disney/Pixar film, Brave.

As in the original game, the objective is to advance through levels of ever-increasing difficulty while avoiding various obstacles. With each success, players are awarded coins with which they can purchase accessories that give them additional upgrades, such as invisibility and Mega Coins.

The mysterious and picturesque Scottish countryside is the setting for Temple Run: Brave, and features a single character, Merida, the headstrong teenaged star of the Brave film. Players attempt to keep her running, for a wild animal is pursuing her as she advances through the dark and foreboding woods.

One feature included in the Brave app that is absent from the original Temple Run is the inclusion of archery, allowing players to accumulate more coins by successfully hitting bullseye targets that appear along Merida's route.

Temple Run: Brave has received kudos for its appeal to even the youngest of players, and the clean appearance of the graphics have been praised by gamers of all ages.