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The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger


On the heels of the Walt Disney Pictures Western saga, The Lone Ranger, Disney has released a related free app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Users can dispense their own brand of frontier justice by participating (as the iconic Lone Ranger) in epic showdowns with notorious outlaws as they battle alongside trusty sidekick Tonto to bring truth and justice to the Wild West.

Players receive a supply of silver with which they can replenish their ammunition, energy and even health, but they need to be smart about how much they use because the supply is limited. In addition to being on the lookout for bandits and other evildoers, players also participate in various interactions with the townspeople of Colby, Texas; helping them with chores or reassuring them that he and Tonto will protect them.

The Lone Ranger app isn't loaded with countless challenging situations or excessive action, but it's a relatively fun and harmless time-killer that younger players will find entertaining, even if the graphics are just average, and the interface fairly unspectacular.

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