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Disney's TRON: Legacy iPhone app is a racing game loosely based on the film of the same name. Players are inside of the Grid, which serves as the center of the TRON Universe. Light cycle racers are the preferred mode of transportation, and distinctive ribbons of energy provide the "tracks" on which the light cycles zoom around.

On the outer rings of the Grid resides a cannon-armed Recognizer, which provides covering fire for the battle going on within, and savvy players advance to man these deadly vehicles. There are plenty of targets around and inside the Grid, but it's easy to fire upon a colleague unless you learn the tell-tale signs signifying friend or foe. Successful hits, especially consecutive ones, gain point multipliers, allowing sharp-shooting players to rack up points quickly. The app contains a helpful "replay" feature which serves as a learning tool for the next round of battle.

Additional features include tilt steering, power-ups for emergencies and the ability to "cloak" or become invisible to other racers.