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Wake Up With Disney

Wake Up With Disney


If being awakened by the familiar squawking of Donald Duck is something you've yearned for, then Disney has an app for you. Wake Up With Disney, for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch is designed to get your mornings off to a rousing start with the help of one Disney's most identifiable characters, the universally-known Donald Duck.

This "alarm clock" app contains limited features, but there's ample space for additional features if the app finds popularity among consumers. From Donald's initially playful attempts to stir users from Never-Never Land, to his increased huffing and puffing when his first efforts aren't successful, sleepyheads might even wake up early just to experience the range of persuasiveness the iconic duck possesses. In addition, there's an on-screen live updated weather report and a handy flashlight option for even the most bleary-eyed of users. The snooze button gives reluctant risers a brief respite, but once the allotted "snooze" time has elapsed, prepare yourself for a renewed wake-up squawk that sounds a warning.

Wake Up With Disney Trailer