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Watch Disney Channel

Watch Disney Channel


Fans of the Disney Channel's original programming can now keep up with their favorites at any time and any place with the Watch Disney Channel app. Episodes of the Disney Channel's hits such as Jessie, Good Luck Charlie, Phineas and Ferb, Shake It Up and many more are available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch or PC.

Loaded with unique features, the Watch Disney Channel app is perfect for long trips or on family camp-outs when some entertainment is on the agenda. And if an interruption occurs, the Disney Channel app will remember and resume the program at the point it was stopped, eliminating the need for those annoying rewinds and searches. New episodes are added to rotation as frequently as thirty days from broadcast, and for subscribers to participating content providers, new Disney Channel episodes are accessible just one day after their original airing.

For parental peace of mind, the Watch Disney Channel app automatically tracks which videos are viewed, providing yet another helpful safeguard that keeps Disney at the forefront of family-friendly entertainment.