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Where's My Mickey?

Where's My Mickey?


With the success and popularity of both Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry?, Disney has enlisted one of their most-recognizable characters in their latest "Where's My?" app, Where's My Mickey? As in the previous applications, users are presented with an environmental challenge involving displacing water to different areas of the screen in order to create an effective flow. There are various obstacles, including bio-hazards, structures and natural formations that threaten to impede water flow, but unlike prior versions, users now can take advantage of other natural phenomena such as wind and clouds to help them accomplish their quest.

Excellent graphics display colorful backgrounds, providing visual elements that add to the experience, while the touch-screen allows for easy mobility without being obtrusive. Where's My Mickey isn't quite as challenging as either of the earlier installments, but it's difficult enough, especially for younger players.

Even though some users familiar or experienced with the previous "Where's My?" apps may find this edition to be devoid of problem-solving or "risk-reward" aspects, it's hard to not like anything that involves the world's most lovable rodent.

Where's My Mickey? Gameplay