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Where's My Summer?

Where's My Summer?


The Disney App, "Where's My Summer?" features Perry, everyone's favorite platypus, as he encounters a dozen new seaside-themed levels/puzzles, continuing the physics-related theme from the earlier wildly popular "Where's My Water" game. "Where's My Summer?" is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Adapted from the Disney Channel's "Phineas and Ferb," Perry (aka Agent P) once again finds himself trapped and it's up to players to help him figure out the best way to escape the many obstacles in his path. Perry's power generator requires water to function, and discovering water in whichever form necessary serves as an introduction to basic physics for younger players. There are also traps and booby-traps at every turn, forcing a little pre-emptive planning along the way. Avoiding deadly laser attacks is also highly recommended for obvious reasons.

"Where's My Summer" is best suited for players ages 4 and up.

Where's My Summer? Gameplay