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Disney's Alley Cats Strike

Alley Cats Strike

G | 87 min | Saturday, March 18, 2000

Cast: Kyle Schmid, Robert Ri'chard and Kaley Cuoco

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  • Movie Description

    Putting aside differences in the quest for a common goal is the focus of the Disney Channel Original Movie, Alley Cats Strike, directed by long-time Disney collaborator Rod Daniel (Teen Wolf, K-9, Genius).

    The adjoining towns of East and West Appleton enjoy an intense, spirited athletic rivalry but have run out of activities to compete against one another with until bowling is suggested. Initially the idea is ridiculed by the West Appleton faction, but eventually they agree, and the hilarity begins.

    West Appleton has traditionally been blessed with more athletically-skilled participants, but the elite "jocks" are having trouble adapting to this new "sport." In East Appleton however, the "winning at all costs" mentality of their sister city isn't as pervasive, and they appreciate the sheer "fun" of bowling, and subsequently are more successful in the competition.

    Kyle Schmid, Robert Richard and Kaley Cuoco (from TV's Big Bang Theory) head an excellent cast.

    Genre: Disney Channel Drama Sports

    Disney Movie Rating:

    74.97 out of 100. Total of 56 votes.

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