Disney's Amy


G | 100 min | Friday, March 20, 1981

Cast: Jenny Agutter, Barry Newman and Kathleen Nolan

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  • Movie Description

    An early take on "women's liberation" is the focus of the 1981 Disney production, Amy, a live-action film set in the early 20th-century. Written by Noreen Stone and directed by Vincent McEveety, veteran Disney collaborator.

    Jenny Agutter stars as a housewife who displays incredible courage and strength by going against her husband's wishes by taking on the task of teaching at a school for the blind and deaf. Her husband (Chris Robinson), a wealthy landowner, forbids her from working outside the home, which was the norm in the early 1900s. Still, Amy leaves her lavish existence and husband for a much less comfortable lifestyle at the rural school.

    The "special" students taking on the "normal" students in a football game is the film's climactic scene.

    Amy is a heart-warming, inspirational story that teaches the values of perseverance and setting goals. Other notables in the cast include Barry Newman, Kathleen Nolan and Nanette Fabray.

    Genre: Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    66.46 out of 100. Total of 13 votes.

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