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Disney's Angels in the Endzone

Angels in the Endzone

| 88 min | Sunday, November 9, 1997

Cast: Paul Dooley, Matthew Lawrence, David Gallagher, and Jack Coleman

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  • Movie Description

    Angels In The Endzone is a sequel based on a previous movie, Angels In The Outfield. A struggling high school football team that has not won a game in years just received a new player, Jesse Harper. Jesse is the best player on the entire team and plays the position of tailback. After a tragic accident Jesse's father dies and he ends up quitting the team. Jesse's younger brother protests, telling Jesse that football was the most important thing in his life. Jesse then says that the only way he will start playing football again is if the team starts winning. Jesse's brother prays for the team to start winning and the team does with the assistance of angels. Jesse makes some bad choices but eventually ends up returning to the team in order to win the championship.

    Genre: Comedy Fantasy Sports

    Disney Movie Rating:

    61.34 out of 100. Total of 24 votes.

    Notable Cast

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