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Disney's Annie


UR | 90 min | Sunday, November 7, 1999

Cast: Kathy Bates, Victor Garber, Alan Cumming

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  • Movie Description

    Adapted originally from the popular 1920s comic strip and in turn from the hit 1977 Broadway musical, the Wonderful World of Disney comedy Annie portrays the familiar tale of the 11-year old moptop orphan who goes on an adventure-filled quest to try and locate her real parents. The film is directed by Rob Marshall and stars Alicia Morton, Victor Garber, Kathy Bates and Alan Cumming.

    Fed up with the cruel and tyrannical treatment of the orphanage's owner Miss Hannigan (Bates), Annie (Morton) escapes and crosses paths with another "stray," a dog she befriends and names Sandy. The pair become inseparable but fate leads to Annie's capture and return to the orphanage. Good fortune comes their way when a charitable millionaire (Daddy Warbucks) takes the pair into his mansion. Annie charms the wealthy benefactor but still desperately wants to find her birth parents. A half-baked scheme by Miss Hannigan nearly results in Annie once again falling into the clutches of the evil orphanage owner only to be rescued by President Roosevelt's Secret Service. Eventually, Annie learns of her real parents' untimely deaths, but all ends well when Warbucks adopts her.

    Genre: Comedy Musical

    Disney Movie Rating:

    76.97 out of 100. Total of 12 votes.

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