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Disney's AristoCats, The

AristoCats, The

G | 78 min | Thursday, December 24, 1970

Cast: Voices by Phil Harris, Eva Gabor, Liz English

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  • Movie Description

    Notable as the last Disney film given the go-ahead by Walt Disney prior to his death, 1970's The Aristocats is an animated feature film starring the voices of Phil Harris and Eva Gabor.

    Three kittens are named as beneficiaries in the will of a famous opera singer, with the stipulation that if and when the felines pass away, the fortune will then revert to the singer's butler. Overhearing the reading of the will, the butler reaches the conclusion that he can't wait for the kittens to die, so he concocts a plan to eliminate the kittens himself.

    The plot backfires however, with the kittens left stranded in the countryside. In the midst of their wandering, they make the acquaintance of a street-smart alley cat who volunteers to help them return. Once back among familiar surroundings, they again fall victim to the butler's greed and are stuffed into a trunk bound for Timbuktu. The alley cat gets wind of the goings-on, and returns to rescue the kittens a second time.

    Genre: Adventure Animated Comedy

    Disney Movie Rating:

    84.79 out of 100. Total of 556 votes.

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