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Disney's Bears and I, The

Bears and I, The

G | 89 min | Wednesday, July 31, 1974

Cast: Patrick Wayne, Chief Dan George and Andrew Duggan

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  • Movie Description

    Adapted from the wonderful same-titled book by Robert Franklin Leslie, the 1974 Walt Disney Studios production of The Bears And I stars Patrick Wayne as a Vietnam veteran who, upon discharge, heads off to Canada to "rough it." Soon after, he adopts three bear cubs whose mother has been killed by hunters.

    As if traising the little cubs isn't enough, Wayne also finds himself in the middle of a land dispute between an Indian tribe and greedy real estate speculators. The dispute is settled in the Indians' favor, and Wayne returns his focus on his three adoptees.

    Wayne (son of Hollywood legend John Wayne) is suitably macho and sensitive when called for, but make no mistake; this movie is stolen by the adorable bear cubs and rightfully so. The Canadian Rockies provide incredibly beautiful background, and with Disney veteran Winston Hibler's sharp, concise direction, The Bears And I moves briskly and purposefully.

    Genre: Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    76.03 out of 100. Total of 9 votes.

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