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Disney's Big Red

Big Red

NR | 89 min | Wednesday, June 6, 1962

Cast: Walter Pidgeon, Gilles Payant

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  • Movie Description

    A "boy-and-his-dog" scenario is guaranteed to reach moviegoer's hearts, and when it comes to producing films of this type, few, if any, do it as well or as successfully as the people at Disney. 

    1962's Big Red is a perfect example. The Irish Setter of the title is a product of championship show breed parentage, but he seems to prefer just "being a dog" to the monotony and discipline of fulfilling his lineage and taking his place at the Westminster Kennel Club awards podium. This conflict is at the heart of the film, as the dog's owner/sportsman and an orphan boy clash over the dog's "destiny." 

    After Big Red meets and falls for a fetching female, then runs away with his mate to join the boy, the story appears to have settled into the typical domestic blissfulness the viewer expects, but when the former owner is in grave danger, Big Red comes to the rescue of the grateful sportsman.

    Genre: Adventure Comedy Dogs

    Disney Movie Rating:

    80.02 out of 100. Total of 52 votes.

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