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Disney's Boatniks, The

Boatniks, The

G | 99 min | Wednesday, July 1, 1970

Cast: Robert Morse, Stefanie Powers and Phil Silvers

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  • Movie Description

    A star-studded cast (or at least a well-known one) appear in the 1970 Walt Disney Productions comedy, The Boatniks. Reliable Disney favorite Norman Tokar directed.

    Unfortunately for him, inept Coast Guard ensign Tom Garland (Robert Morse) has the legacy of his late esteemed war hero father to follow. If that weren't enough, he meets and falls in love with Kate Fairchild (Stefanie Powers), and almost immediately almost drowns her in paint. To add further fuel to the fire, Garland is attempting to capture a trio of jewel thieves who've leased a boat from Fairchild's sailing school. "High-sea"-jinks galore ensue, with the three crooks displaying even less aptitude for sailing than Garland.

    Besides Morse and Powers, The Boatniks' cast includes Phil Silvers, Mickey Shaughnessy, Norman Fell, Don Ameche, Wally Cox, and, in cameos, Joe E. Ross and Al Lewis.

    The Boatniks was filmed off the Southern California coast, with some familiar landmarks along Newport Beach and Balboa as background.

    Genre: Comedy

    Disney Movie Rating:

    74.8 out of 100. Total of 10 votes.

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