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Disney's Boy Who Talked to Badgers, The

Boy Who Talked to Badgers, The

| 98 min | Sunday, September 14, 1975

Cast: Christian Juttner, Carl Betz and Salome Jens

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  • Movie Description

    First telecast as a two-part segment on The Wonderful World of Disney in 1975, The Boy Who Talked To Badgers is an animal adventure filmed entirely in Alberta, Canada.

    Benjy (Christian Juttner) is a young Canadian boy who prefers the company of animals rather than humans, and tries to spend as much time as possible with his furry friends. His parents realize this could eventually become a problem, but don't have the heart to take away Benjy's seemingly only pleasure.

    The boy befriends a badger, and when the animal disappears, Benjy sets out to find his friend. In the course of his search, Benjy gets trapped in a raging river and winds up being carried far from his home. His quest for survival and finding his way back dominate the bigger part of the film.

    Carl Betz and Salome Jens portray Benjy's parents, while Denver Pyle (who also narrated) plays Benjy as an adult.

    Genre: Adventure

    Disney Movie Rating:

    66.22 out of 100. Total of 13 votes.

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