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Disney's Can of Worms

Can of Worms

PG | 90 min | Saturday, April 10, 1999

Cast: Michael Shulman, Erika Christensen, Adam Wylie

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  • Movie Description

    Adapted from the Kathy Mackel novel of the same name, Can of Worms is a Disney Channel Original Movie typically aired during Halloween. Paul Schneider, whose credits include episodes of LA Law, Beverly Hills 90210 and Baywatch, directed.

    Feeling alienated and out-of-place on Earth, Mike (Michael Shulman) wishes to be somewhere else and transmits an "SOS" message into the heavens in the hopes of being rescued. In a classic example of "be careful what you wish for," aliens receive Mike's message and soon arrive on Earth with plans of "rescuing" him.

    Captured and taken to a "zoo," Mike quickly realizes the error of his ways, but escaping isn't as simple as that. Barnabus, a friendly wise alien (voiced by Malcolm McDowell), intervenes and rescues Mike from the "zoo," and notifies Intergalactic authorities of his fellow aliens' dastardly deeds. Once the dust has settled, Mike, grateful to be back on Earth, turns down Barnabus' invitation to return with him to outer space.

    Genre: Comedy Disney Channel Science Fiction

    Disney Movie Rating:

    69.27 out of 100. Total of 15 votes.

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