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Disney's Candleshoe


G | 101 min | Friday, December 16, 1977

Cast: Jodie Foster, David Niven and Helen Hayes

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  • Movie Description

    One of the better efforts from Walt Disney Studios in the late '70s is Candleshoe, a 1977 action film adapted from Christmas at Candleshoe, a novel by Michael Innes. Norman Tokar, long-time Disney contributor, directed.

    Noblewoman Lady St. Edmund (Helen Hayes, in her final screen appearance) faces eviction from her palatial estate if she cannot come up with the money to pay the taxes. What's worse, she has a weakness for taking in orphans, and the mansion is packed with them. With the children's help and considerable effort from her jack-of-all-trades butler (David Niven), she's barely able to keep the wolves at bay.

    Meanwhile, an alleged treasure trove of gold coins is rumored to be hidden on the estate, and a thieving pair of crooks (Leo McKern, Vivian Pickles) are determined to find it. To that end, they enlist a street-wise urchin (Jodie Foster) to pose as St. Edmunds' grand-daughter in order to gain access and locate the treasure.

    Genre: Adventure Comedy Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    78.38 out of 100. Total of 16 votes.

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