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Disney's Castaway Cowboy

Castaway Cowboy

G | 91 min | Thursday, August 1, 1974

Cast: James Garner, Vera Miles and Robert Culp

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  • Movie Description

    1850s San Francisco is the opening setting for the 1974 Disney production, The Castaway Cowboy. James Garner stars as Lincoln Costain, a Texas cowboy visiting California when he finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and winds up being shanghaied, destination unknown. Costain uses his considerable wits to escape and ends up washed ashore in Hawaii.

    Rescued by Henrietta MacAvoy (Vera Miles), a widowed potato farmer, Costain quickly surveys the situation and convinces the widow MacAvoy to try some of his tried-and-trusted Texas techniques in an attempt to salvage her ranch. He then has to persuade the skeptical local workers as well.

    The Castaway Cowboy is typical Disney family fare, with a competent cast and engaging storyline. Robert Culp co-stars as an unscrupulous banker with designs on the MacAvoy property, as well as on Henrietta.

    Filmed in Hawaii, the scenery is eye-catching and overall, The Castaway Cowboy is an enjoyable 90 minutes.

    Genre: Adventure Comedy Western

    Disney Movie Rating:

    72.83 out of 100. Total of 6 votes.

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