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Disney's Cat from Outer Space, The

Cat from Outer Space, The

G | 104 min | Friday, June 9, 1978

Cast: Ken Berry, Sandy Duncan and Harry Morgan

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  • Movie Description

    An alien which takes the form of a cat is the "star" of the 1978 Disney comedy, The Cat From Outer Space. Produced by Ron W. Miller and directed by Norman Tokar, the majority of the cast is stocked with actors better known for their television appearances, such as Ken Berry, Sandy Duncan, Ronnie Schell, McLean Stevenson and the venerable Harry Morgan.

    The cats' collar allows it to communicate telepathically with humans, and it makes known the fact that it requires "Org 12," an apparently previously unknown (on Earth, anyway) substance needed to fuel the spacecraft to allow it to return to its mothership.

    Dr. Wilson (Berry) figures out that "Org 12" is actually gold, and when the cat utilizes the collar to obtain funding in order to purchase gold, the government becomes interested. The cat eventually obtains sufficient "Org 12" to leave, but surprisingly, deciding Earth isn't so bad, remains behind while sending the craft back to its "base."

    Genre: Comedy Science Fiction

    Disney Movie Rating:

    72.22 out of 100. Total of 24 votes.

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