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Disney's Charley and the Angel

Charley and the Angel

G | 93 min | Friday, March 23, 1973

Cast: Fred MacMurray, Cloris Leachman and Harry Morgan

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  • Movie Description

    In one of his final film appearances, Fred MacMurray returns to Disney in the 1973 comedy, Charley and the Angel. The film is adapted from Will Stanton's 1971 novel, The Golden Evenings of Summer.

    Set in the Depression, MacMurray (Charley) plays the typical role he was apparently born to, the "Everyman" who's decent, hard-working and wanting the best for his family. One day however, he's visited by an angel (Harry Morgan) who advises him that his days are drawing near. Charley, not wanting to alarm his family, tells no one of his "heavenly" visitor, but instead goes about getting his life in order. When his sons find themselves inadvertently involved with gangsters, Charley tries to save them, but winds up in prison himself.

    Charley and the Angel is an unassuming, slow-paced film, easy to watch and easier still to appreciate. The cast (MacMurray, Morgan, Cloris Leachman, Kurt Russell, Kathleen Cody) is excellent. Leachman received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy.

    Genre: Comedy Fantasy

    Disney Movie Rating:

    58.13 out of 100. Total of 11 votes.

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