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Disney's Condorman


PG | 90 min | Friday, August 7, 1981

Cast: Michael Crawford, Oliver Reed, Barbara Carrera

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  • Movie Description

    Condorman is a Walt Disney Productions comedy-adventure film featuring the exploits of the title character, the creation of an eccentric yet imaginative comic book illustrator.

    Woody Wilkins is constantly experimenting with his comic book hero, Condorman. So much so that he designs a costume, complete with wings, and hurtles himself from the Eiffel Tower. All goes well until one of the wings breaks and he plunges into the River Seine. Later, as a favor to a friend, he travels to Istanbul to participate in what he assumes is a simple document swap. All is not as it appears however, and he soon finds himself embroiled in a complex case of mistaken identity, intrigue and KGB/CIA maneuverings, all of which he is blissfully unaware.

    Michael Crawford is perfect as the off-the-wall, often bumbling Woody, while Oliver Reed is his always-menacing self as a KGB agent. Barbara Carrera adds spice as a double agent who manages to manipulate Woody with a minimum of effort.

    Genre: Action Adventure Comedy

    Disney Movie Rating:

    74.51 out of 100. Total of 125 votes.

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