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Disney's Darby O'Gill and the Little People

Darby O'Gill and the Little People

NR | 93 min | Friday, June 26, 1959

Cast: Albert Sharpe, Janet Munro, Sean Connery, Jimmy O'Dea

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  • Movie Description

    Starring a pre-James Bond Sean Connery, the 1959 Walt Disney Production of Darby O'Gill and the Little People is a visually pleasing and sublimely entertaining Disney classic. The title character is a tall-tale spinning Irish caretaker who's abruptly replaced by Connery, incurring O'Gill's wrath. The terminated Irishman, depressed and dreading breaking the news to his family, stumbles upon a leprechaun kingdom which leads to much frivolity and some of Disney's most unforgettable comedic episodes.

    The special effects are incredibly realistic, especially given the era of production. Moviegoers in the 21st Century are accustomed to all manner of "FX" courtesy of computer-generated assistance, and to see similar results on-screen from a half-century earlier is almost surreal.

    One of the finest fantasies ever committed to film, Darby O'Gill has something to offer all audiences regardless of age.

    Legend has it that Connery's performance was the clincher that led him to being cast in Dr. No, the first James Bond film, in 1962.

    Genre: Adventure Fantasy

    Disney Movie Rating:

    69.7 out of 100. Total of 1 votes.

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