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Disney's Don't Look Under The Bed

Don't Look Under The Bed

NR | 92 min | Saturday, October 9, 1999

Cast: Erin Chambers, Ty Hodges, Robin Riker

Movie Description

In an unusual departure from their traditional "feel good" productions, the Disney Channel Original Movie, Don't Look Under the Bed, is a full-blown horror film, only the second attempt within the genre by Disney's television wing. The pastoral little town of Middleberg has been undergoing some strange occurrences, including alarm clocks sounding off well before their settings, dogs appearing on the roofs of houses, gelatin in the community swimming pool, and most disturbingly, the letter "B" inexplicably turning up spray-painted all over the town.

Frances McCausland, a normal, highly-intelligent teenager, finds herself in the center of the strange goings-on, and fair or not, she becomes the focal point for most of the town's suspicions regarding the unusual happenings. Don't Look Under the Bed stars a largely unfamiliar cast, including Erin Chambers as Frances, as well as Jake Sakson, Eric "Ty" Hodges II, and Robin Riker. Kenneth Johnson (The Incredible Hulk, V, Alien Nation) directed.

Genre: Disney Channel Fantasy Spooky

Disney Movie Rating:

64.7 out of 100. Total of 2 votes.

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