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Disney's Escape From The Dark (The Littlest Horse Thieves)

Escape From The Dark (The Littlest Horse Thieves)

G | 104 min | Friday, March 11, 1977

Cast: Alastair Sim, Peter Barkworth and Maurice Colbourne

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  • Movie Description

    Originally titled Escape From the Dark, later more commonly called The Littlest Horse Thieves, this Charles Jarrott-directed (Anne of the Thousand Days, Mary, Queen of Scots) 1976 Walt Disney Production is one of the handful of collaborations between Disney and British filmmakers that generally garnered critical kudos.

    Filmed very darkly, which is understandable since a coal mine is the primary setting, this film epitomizes the classic British sense of "impending doom and gloom" of foggy marshlands and overcast skies. The storyline involves a Yorkshire coal mine which employs ponies as labor, but the owner has decided to mechanize the operation, apparently dooming the ponies to the slaughterhouse. The subsequent rescue is where the 'littlest horse thieves' come in.

    British stage and screen legend Alastair Sim appears on film for the final time in this production. Also in the cast are Peter Barkworth, Maurice Colbourne and Susan Tebbs.

    Not the typical Disney "sunshine and lollipops" film, Escape From the Dark is nevertheless an entertaining 104 minutes.

    Genre: Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    78.94 out of 100. Total of 17 votes.

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