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Disney's First Kid

First Kid

PG | 101 min | Friday, August 30, 1996

Cast: Sinbad, Brock Pierce and Blake Boyd

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  • Movie Description

    Comedian Sinbad stars in the 1996 Walt Disney Pictures comedy production of First Kid, about a Secret Service agent charged with the assignment of providing protection and companionship of the rambunctious 13-year old son of the President of the U.S.

    Previous agents have failed miserably in the assignment, and Sam Simms' (Sinbad) initial experience with the rebellious kid doesn't look promising. Eventually, the pair find they have more in common than either imagined, and they form a relationship, albeit a bit of a shaky one.

    Sinbad is convincing in his portrayal, and Brock Pierce in the title role is effective. Pierce later went on to become an Internet entrepeneur in real life after receiving some acclaim as a child actor.

    Singer/actor-turned U.S. Congressman Sonny Bono and President Bill Clinton appear in cameos as themselves. The appearance was the final one of Bono's career.

    Other cast members include Robert Guillaume, James Naughton, Lisa Eichhorn and Zachery Ty Bryan.

    Genre: Comedy

    Disney Movie Rating:

    69.28 out of 100. Total of 27 votes.

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