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Disney's Unidentified Flying Oddball

Unidentified Flying Oddball

G | 93 min | Thursday, July 26, 1979

Cast: Dennis Dugan, Jim Dale and Ron Moody

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  • Movie Description

    Mark Twain's classic farce, A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court is the foundation for the 1979 Walt Disney Productions comedy, Unidentified Flying Oddball.

    Astronaut Tom Trimble and his identical android, Hermes, somehow manage to travel back in time aboard a spacecraft. Their arrival in Camelot during King Arthur's reign creates (obviously) quite a stir in the time of dragons and wizards and distressed damsels. Becoming entangled in the nefarious plot by Sir Mordred and Merlin to overthrow the King, Trimble and Hermes utilize the advanced technological devices at their disposal to sabotage the attempted coup.

    An international cast is featured, including Dennis Dugan, Jim Dale, Ron Moody and Kenneth More.

    Later releases of the film were titled The Superman and King Arthur and A Spaceman in King Arthur's Court. Not surprisingly, the changes did little to improve upon Don Tait's adaptation of Twain's classic. Russ Mayberry, better known for television credits such as Kojak, McCloud, The Brady Bunch (to name a few), directed.

    Genre: Adventure Comedy

    Disney Movie Rating:

    55.4 out of 100. Total of 14 votes.

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