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Disney's Follow Me, Boys!

Follow Me, Boys!

NR | 131 min | Thursday, December 1, 1966

Cast: Fred MacMurray, Vera Miles and Lillian Gish

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  • Movie Description

    The 1966 Walt Disney comedy Follow Me, Boys! stars Disney reliable Fred MacMurray as a member of a touring musical group who decides to settle down in a small town. Wanting to be a viable citizen of his new community, he volunteers to be leader of a Boy Scout troop. As expected, that's when the fun begins.

    From camping out shenanigans to unruly scouts, Follow Me, Boys! doesn't break any new cinematic barriers or overwhelm viewers with brilliance, but it does deliver what Disney does best, and that's give the audience 135 minutes of mindless escape.

    Kurt Russell made his Disney debut in the film, and he'd go on to appear in ten movies over the next decade for the studio. Another noted actor, John Larroquette, made his film debut (uncredited) in Follow Me, Boys!, playing a small role as a soldier.

    Follow Me, Boys! is also noteworthy as the last Disney release prior to Walt Disney's death in December, 1966.

    Genre: Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    74.76 out of 100. Total of 47 votes.

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