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Disney's Fox and the Hound, The

Fox and the Hound, The

G | 83 min | Friday, July 10, 1981

Cast: Voices by Mickey Rooney, Kurt Russell, Keith Coogan

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    A most unusual pairing between a red fox and a hound dog forms the basis for the Walt Disney animated film, The Fox and the Hound.

    Orphaned and abandoned, the red fox is forced to rely on a friendly group of forest animals to find a home, which turns out to be at Widow Tweed's, a critter-loving lady who resides deep in the woods. Because he resembles a toddler, she names him Tod. Soon afterwards, Widow Tweed's neighbor brings home a hound puppy, who due to his shiny coat is named Copper. Tod and Copper quickly become inseparable.

    As the two grow older and more mature, problems arise. More and more often, Tod goes to play with Copper only to find he's gone hunting with the pack of hunting hound dogs. Confused, Tod goes to Big Mama (the friendly owl) for advice. What she tells him is troubling, and he refuses to believe her. But eventually the pair meet up, and Tod is heartbroken to discover that Big Mama was correct: Red wolves and hound dogs aren't supposed to co-exist.

    Voices for the characters include Mickey Rooney, Kurt Russell, Jack Albertson, Pearl Bailey and Paul Winchell.

    Genre: Animated Blu-ray Dogs

    Disney Movie Rating:

    86.4 out of 100. Total of 1175 votes.

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