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Disney's Girl vs. Monster

Girl vs. Monster

NR | 89 min | Friday, October 12, 2012

Cast: Olivia Holt, Tracy Dawson and Jonathan Hers

Movie Description

A family-friendly Halloween tale, the Disney Channel's Girl vs. Monster relates the story of 15-year old Skylar (Olivia Holt), an otherwise typical teenager who learns that her family isn't exactly what she imagined them to be. In fact, the likable teen discovers that she's actually a fifth-generation monster hunter and her services are needed to confront and vanquish the immortal Deimata (Tracy Dawson) and her group of ghouls.

It's Halloween and Skylar wants nothing more than to be in attendance at the big party taking place at the town's run-down haunted mansion. Disobeying her parents, Skylar sneaks out however, and in the process unknowingly frees Deimata from her parent's basement, where they'd been held captive. This sets off a chain reaction of ghostly occurrences, forcing Skylar to come to grips with her family history.

Holt and cast members Luke Benward and Katherine McNamara also are featured in the film's soundtrack.

Genre: Comedy Disney Channel Spooky Science Fiction

Disney Movie Rating:

71.91 out of 100. Total of 316 votes.

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