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Disney's Heidi


G | 193 min | Sunday, July 18, 1993


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    Adapted from the classic 1880s children's novel, the Walt Disney Television-produced miniseries Heidi tells the enchanting story of the eternally-optimistic Swiss orphan girl who somehow manages to endure hardships to positively affect the lives of all who she meets. The two-part adaptation stars newcomer Noley Thornton as the adorable title character. The cast also features veteran performers Jason Robards and Jane Seymour.

    After the tragic deaths of her parents, Heidi is taken in by her cousin Dette, but the selfish relative soon tires of the precocious girl and sends her to the Swiss Alps to live with Heidi's gruff, no-nonsense grandfather (Robards). The old man initially resents the unwanted intrusion, but Heidi's sweet nature and charming disposition eventually win him over.

    However, Heidi's cousin Dette's guilty conscience compels her to relocate the girl once again, this time to a wealthy German family where Heidi becomes the best friend and confidant of the family's wheelchair-bound daughter, Clara. Despite relatively pleasant surroundings, Heidi grows homesick for her grandfather and convinces Clara to travel with her to visit the old man. The new surroundings work miracles on the invalid Clara, and with Heidi's support, Clara overcomes her handicap and walks again, leading to happily-ever-after's for all involved.

    Genre: Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    67.97 out of 100. Total of 6 votes.

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    Jason Robards, Jane Seymour, Patricia Neal

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