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Disney's Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo

Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo

G | 105 min | Friday, June 24, 1977

Cast: Dean Jones, Don Knotts, Julie Sommars, Jacques Marin

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  • Movie Description

    Herbie's in love, and his infatuation with Lancia may serve to be a distraction on the race track. The last thing Jim Douglas After a long absence from the track, race car champion Jim Douglas decides to return to racing at the France-Monte Carlo track. With experience and seasons of success under his belt, victory should be his to take if only his driving partner, also known as Herbie the Love Bug, doesn't let his infatuation with a cute rival car cloud his mind and dampen his racing spirit.

    Genre: Action Comedy Fantasy Sports

    Disney Movie Rating:

    70.57 out of 100. Total of 49 votes.

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