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Disney's Horse Sense

Horse Sense

G | 92 min | Saturday, November 20, 1999

Cast: Joey Lawrence, Andrew Lawrence and Susan Walters

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    As per the title, the Disney Channel Original Movie, Horse Sense, imparts the values of common sense, loyalty and love. The relative success of the film spawned a sequel, Jumping Ship.

    Michael (Joey Lawrence) is an extremely spoiled and privileged 20-year old who invites his long-neglected cousin Tommy (Andrew Lawrence, Joey's real-life brother) to spend the summer with him in Los Angeles. Tommy is thrilled and excited, but soon rbecomes miserable, as Michael reveals himself to be self-centered and seemingly oblivious to his cousin's existence. Tommy's visit gets shortened due to Michael's behavior, but Tommy generously invites Michael to visit him in Montana, despite the less-than-pleasant LA experience.

    Subsequently, Michael travels to Montana, only to be met with the exact same treatment he'd given Tommy back in Los Angeles. Just when it appears the relationship is beyond repair, a crisis involving the possible foreclosure of the Montana ranch brings the cousins together, and Michael discovers he is more than capable of being a "team player," while learning the benefits of family and loyalty.

    The sequel to this film is Jumping Ship.

    Genre: Disney Channel Drama

    Disney Movie Rating:

    79.21 out of 100. Total of 53 votes.

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